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Bridal hair and makeup services and pricing

Lower Prices for groups of 3 or more!

PRo hair and Makeup Artist

100+ Wedding Experience

  • Hair and Airbrush Makeup 160
  • Hair and Traditional Makeup 145
  • Just Hair 95
  • Just Makeup 95

Elite Hair and Makeup Artist

500+ Wedding Experience

  • Hair and Airbrush Makeup 185
  • Hair and Traditional Makeup 165
  • Just Hair 105
  • Just Makeup 105

Master Hair and Makeup Artist

1000+ Wedding Experience

  • Bride Hair and Airbrush Makeup 250
  • Bridesmaids Hair and Airbrush 200
  • Just Hair 145
  • Just Makeup 145
What is the difference between PRO, ELITE and MASTER


  • Junior Bridesmaid Hair and Age Appropriate Makeup (up to age 15)  95
  • Flower Girl Hair and Age Appropriate Makeup (up to age 8)  55



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FAQ for Bridal Hair and Makeup

Q: How do I prepare for my Las Vegas wedding hair and makeup appointment?

A: The most important is to not wash your hair the day of. If you do wash your hair then any curl will fall out sooner and it is will be harder to hold any definition for a bridal hairstyle. Do not worry if you are someone that gets shiny easily. We carry dry shampoo with us. We would not let your style look greasy. You also do not want to straighten your hair beforehand. Even if you have very curly hair and want a straighter look we can achieve this with out having to straighten your hair. Have a clean face without excessive moisturizer on it.  

Q: How long does bridal hair and makeup take?

A:  Hair and makeup for a wedding typically takes 50 min. for both hair and makeup. We will book  an hour to be safe just incase you want to change something about the hair or makeup. We know this doesn't sound like a lot of time, but this is our main focus. We do not just do this as a side to our regular jobs like you may find in cities other than the wedding capital of the world. This is our career and we are very fortunate to be able to be booked with an amount to sustain our team successfully. When you do something as often as we do, you get extremely efficient at it and before you know it we're all done. We understand that on your wedding day your time is valuable this is why our training focuses on efficiency and being able to get the look a client wants without taking up the entire day. This way no one is sitting around with their hair and makeup done for 5 hours before the rest are finished.  Because on average we have 15-30 weddings a week that gives us an extreme amount of experience. We do not rush anything. Our hands get into a routine, due to the amount of experience, and we end up completing the service faster than expected.

Q: What time should I be done with my hair and makeup?

A:  We recommend that you be ready with your bridal hair and makeup an hour and a half before the wedding ceremony or before you have to be at the wedding venue in your las vegas hotel. This gives you plenty of  time to get dressed and for travel. If you happen to be staying where the wedding will be, then only an hour before. It is good to remember that the bridal hair and makeup will last 15hours so do not be afraid if you want to book a few hours early to make sure that you have plenty of time. Our goal is to be 15min early but traffic in Las Vegas can be unpredictable so its better safe than sorry.

Q: Should I get hair extensions for my wedding hair style?

A:  If you are worried about not having enough hair to acheive your wedding hairstyle then hair extensions are a very popular choice. There are two different types of hair extensions that we suggest. Clip-ins extensions are great for the day of and are easy to take in and out. You would need to match your hair color to the extensions before the day of the wedding. Micro bead hair extensions are another excellent  choice. These will last much longer (about 2-4 months). This way you can have the sexy thicker long hair for the honeymoon too.

Q: How do I know if I need hair extensions for the bridal hairstyle I picked?

A: On your wedding day you may want a style that requires either very thick or long hair. There a few different ways to find out if you have enough. You can also send us pics of the bridal hairstyle you want and your current hair to Easiest way is to ask your local stylist. Just make sure that your stylist is experienced with bridal hair styles.

Q: How far in advance should I book my wedding?

A: Depending on what day of the week your wedding is or if its on a holiday or a special day (11-11-11), the answer will be different.  If it’s during the week we suggest 2 months out but  we can take last minute appointments if we have availability. If it is on a holiday or weekend book now! Especially during wedding season our saturdays are always booked out.

Q: How many hair/makeup artists will you send for my large bridal party that want hair and makeup?

A: We want to make your Las Vegas wedding makeup and hair as relaxed as possible. We will  send  as many as you need for the timeframe you need to be done in.  We do not take  longer than 3 hours for an appointment. So if  you have a party of 9 coming to Las Vegas for bridal hair and makeup, We would send 3 stylists to you making sure that at most you will all be ready within 3 hours or less.

Q: How long before my wedding should I get a spray tan?

A: We recommend you get a spray tan at least a day before your wedding. The reason being is that it is possible for streaking to occur especially for pregnant women or women. Women’s hormones can get in the way of the solution. Its not common but it does happen. If this happens you can come back in at no additional cost and get another layer to make sure you look picture perfect for your Las Vegas wedding.

Q: Are your makeup artists and hairstylists trained to do African American hair and makeup?

A: Not only are our makeup artists and hairstylists trained weekly on all types of hair and skin but we also have African American brides every week. Las Vegas is a popular place for weddings we see people from all over the world. The demand for bridal hair and makeup in Las Vegas is also growing. We get tons of practice during the wedding seasons and keep our galleries updated with new brides photos. This way you dont have to take our word for it. Just take a look at our photos and if you see something you like you can request the same artist for your wedding.

Q: What if I just want a bridal hairstyle or just makeup?

A: We can do single services for your wedding. We just put them together because most often we do both. If you would like just a bridal makeup artist or just a bridal hairstylist to come to you we can offer you the ala carte price listed on Las Vegas Wedding Pages. The package of both is a better deal.

Things to know about your Hair and makeup appointment.

A complete run down of what you should expect your wedding day preparations to be.

What time you should be completely done with your hair and makeup.

We recommend all beauty services be completed by 1 hour and 30 minutes before the ceremony start time. This gives you 30 minutes to get your dress on, 30 minutes to get your things together and get downstairs and 30 minutes to get to your ceremony destination. This can be cut down to one hour if you are getting married in the same hotel as you are staying or if you are getting your beauty services done at your venue.

Determining what time your hair and makeup appointment will be.

The start time of your hair and makeup appointment will be determined by how many people you have getting beauty services. Both hair and makeup takes 1 stylist 1 hour to complete. Hair or makeup takes 30 minutes each. The more people need services, the more stylists we send. We try not to have any appointments go over 3 hours so that no one is sitting around with their hair and makeup done for too long. For example: Your ceremony is at 6:00pm. We would want your services completed by 4:30pm. Say you have 4 people wanting hair and makeup. We would send 2 stylists to get the services done in 2 hours. This would give you a start time of 2:30. If you have 9 people, we will send 3 stylists to have you completed in 3 hours. ect.

Why both hair and makeup only takes an hour.

We get a lot of brides that are worried about the hair and makeup taking longer than what we have scheduled for. The concern usually comes from another wedding they had attended where the stylist took 1 hour or more to just do the hair. This is because they are primarily cosmetologists that cut and color hair and do formal hair styling and makeup on the side on occasion that one of their clients has a formal event. Because our stylists live in a top wedding destination in the world, we specialize in formal hair styling and makeup. Hair and makeup for weddings makes up the majority of our career and our weekly training and promotional system is focused around efficiency. When you do something every day for years, you develop a routine.

What to expect when my stylists arrive.

Your hair stylist and/or makeup artist will first check the room for the area with the best possible lighting and outlet availability. This will usually be by the window or in the bathroom. The color of tint in the windows or color of light bulb in the bathroom can vary from hotel to hotel. Venues typically have nice lighting in the bridal suite. Once hair stylist and/or makeup artist is set up. He/she will ask you if you have any photos of anything that you wanted to show them to give an idea of hair and makeup that you like. You are not required to have this. If you don’t have any idea what you want your hair and makeup to be like, its ok. Your stylist will ask you a few consultation questions to get an idea of what you may like and go from there. If you do have photos you wanted to show on your phone, we suggest taking screen shots of them before hand. We have had many brides that have had trouble loading their pinterest while in a hotel.

What will getting my hair and makeup done be like?

Once your hairstylist and/or makeup artist has a good idea of what your desired look is, they will get started. Typically, you are not facing a mirror during the process. This is because you may have a hairstylist working on your hair while a makeup artist is in front of you doing your makeup at the same time (celebrity treatment!). Do not let this scare you. Your hair stylist and/or makeup artist will explain to you during the consultation that when they are finished they will have you take a look at yourself and welcome any changes you may want to make. They will say “please let us know if there is anything you want to change. It is all changeable and we do not get offended.” This is something that we take very seriously and very much prefer that you say something if you do not like something about it. Our goal is not to leave the room until everyone is happy and satisfied with the hair and makeup services that our stylists have provided.

Things to do to prepare for your hair and makeup appointment.

  • Wash and blow dry  your hair the day or night before your wedding day. Freshly clean hair is too soft to hold curl or volume very well. If you are someone who gets the greasy look if you don't wash your hair the same day, don't worry. We carry dry shampoo with us and would never let you go down the isle shiny! If you choose to wash your hair the day of anyway, your stylist may not last as long as you would like. Please let anyone else getting services know how best to prepare so that we are able to give them the exact look they are going for too!
  • Do not straighten your hair after your last wash! This is very important for anyone who wants to wear their hair down, half up or up with curl texture. If it comes down to a choice between having your hair straightened since the last wash or freshly washed, freshly washed is still better. Even if you have curly hair, we use a curling technique that smooths and curls at the same time so there is no need to worry about frizz.
  • Have champagne, orange juice and glasses brought from home or from a store while you are out the day before. Hotels charge outrageous amounts to bring memosas to you via room service. Some hotels even charge you for the glasses if you order more than two. 
  • Consider pizza, sandwich platter, or snacks to have in the room for your bridal party. This will also save money on expensive room service. Everyone should eat a little during the getting ready process if the reception isn't going to be for a few hours. This will also help keep everyone in the room instead of having people coming in and out or spending a long time trying to go find food and come back.
  • Have everyone that is getting hair and makeup done show up 30 minutes before the start time of the appointment. We have had it happen where everyone assumes someone else will go first so they can get coffee or breakfast and then had no one there for the appointment. If your appointment starts at 10:00am and you are the only one in the room, we don't want you to feel like you have to go first and don't have the option to wait to closer to the end of the appointment so that you are the freshest. It can get stressful to have to call and text everyone to find out where they are. Vegas takes longer to get around than anyone expects, so it is not their fault, but it is easy to be late.
  • If you have young ones with you, designate someone to be the babysitter during the appointment. Its great to have someones room that the children can go and watch tv with the supervision of a family member. If you want the children in your room, have someone available to watch them at least during your hair and makeup so that you can relax and get pampered without worries.





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