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This may be used in an attempt to contact you through your hotel if for any reason we are unable to reach you by the phone number provided below
This may be used in an attempt to contact you through your hotel if for any reason we are unable to reach you by the phone number provided below
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Date of your Wedding/event
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Phone number you will have, and can be reached at, while you are in Las Vegas
If you are from another country and will not have a cell phone you can be reached at please type in zeros. We will use the names and hotel provided above if we need to reach you.
example, If you are getting Airbrush Makeup, Hair services, and a gel mani and pedi, your mother is getting just Traditional Makeup, and two of your bridesmaids are getting both Hair and Airbrush Makeup, Write: Airbrush Makeup, Hair Style and mani pedi for one, Hair and airbrush makeup for two people and Traditional Makeup for one. Additional in salon service appointments can also be made by phone. ex: spray tans, hair coloring, hair cutting...
We book appointments to finish 1 1/2 hours before ceremony start time. This gives you 30mins to put on your dress, 30mins to get things together and get downstairs, and 30 mins to travel from hotel to chapel. This time can be adjusted if you are getting married at the hotel you are staying at or if you are getting dressed at your venue.
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The conditions listed below are for your protection. With providing the convenience of on location services and no deposit required, there are some things we must do to make up for any time lost or any appointments that could not be made to hold other appointments. This way you know that if another party is late, we will not let your appointment end late. We must be provided with the room number or address of the location by one hour prior to the appointment. Receiving the room number or address of the appointment is our final confirmation. If we do not receive the room number until or after the start time of the appointment, the stylists will not be on time. We do not send our stylists out to a location until the appointment has the final confirmation and location. By providing the credit card number, expiration date above and checking the terms and condition box, you are approving a charge to the card provided in any of the instances described below. A 40% cancellation fee, in the case that you cancel your appointment on or within the 10 days prior to your appointment date. This charge is also charged on an individual basis. For example: If the appointment is made for four people getting hair and makeup and the day before the wedding the appointment is changed to just one person getting hair and makeup, the charge will be 40% for the total of the 3 cancelled hair and makeup appointments. If the room number or address is not provided at all, the appointment will be considered a no call no show and the card provided will be charged for 100% of the services booked. If the stylists are already on location and told that some services that were booked will not be needed, the total charge of the original appointment made, stays the same. Those not receiving services will still be required to pay 100% of the services requested prior. In the event that a stylist has arrived on time and is required to wait, a $50 charge will be added to every have hour a stylist is not working. This will delay the end time of the appointment. If the wait time extends to where the appointment can no longer be finished before it is necessary for the stylist to leave to get to the next appointment, the stylist is required to leave and a charge of 100% of the services requested in the original appointment. If the client has given the final confirmation of the room number or location, but cannot be reached in the room or location at the time of the appointment, the stylist is required to wait 30 mins. If after 30 mins no one is found, a charge of 100% of the appointment time will be applied to the credit card given. Your appointment end time may change based upon how quickly everyone is done receiving services. This will only make the appointment end time earlier than expected as each service is booked more time than needed. Every person receiving services must be in the location and ready to start the appointment at the start time requested. This included freshly washed faces, dry hair with no product and having not been straightened since the last shampoo.