What is the Difference Between a Pro Stylist, an Elite Stylist and a Master Stylist?

Our Promotion System:

Assistant: An assistant is a licensed cosmetologist who is in training to become a Formal Stylist. They start one on one, with Stevee Danielle while she takes them through her training program that includes written, demos and practical work on mannequins. On appointments, he or she assists a Pro or Elite Stylist by curling hair, in the way instructed by the pro or Master stylist, to best fit the formal style and then watches and learns while the pro or elite stylist finishes the style. They spend their time at the salon practicing what they learn.
Formal Stylist: An assistant is promoted to a formal stylist when he or she has proven they can curl and complete any formal style an elite or pro artist tests them on. During their time as a formal stylist their training moves into the Makeup stage one on one with Stevee Danielle.
Pro Stylist: A Formal Stylist is promoted to a Pro artist when they have completed all training, including customer service training, pro styling, contouring, pro traditional makeup training, Airbrush Makeup training and have been tested by Stevee Danielle. Artist will only make it to this level of promotion if they share, not only the skill level of a pro artist but the passion to be such a big part of someone's day. They stay Pro Stylists until they have reached the 500 wedding and event appointment mark. Pro, Elite and Master stylists LOVE what they do.

Elite Stylist: An Elite stylist is promoted from being a pro stylist when they have reached the 500 wedding and event appointment mark and have had continuous good reviews. These stylists have been established in the business to a level of being able to handle just about anything thrown at them. They have completed continued education classes and continued training with the Master stylists.
Master Stylist: This promotion can only come with the experience of over a thousand wedding and event appointments, constant innovative thinking, problem solving, and consistent raving reviews about their every level of skill in all of the levels of training. These stylists do attend Pro stylist appointments on occasion that they are not booked master stylist appointments, but the master stylist pricing guarantees them for your appointment. Stevee Danielle, and only one other stylist are currently the Master stylists. This promotion is not guaranteed when working at Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup as it is extremely difficult to acheive. So far, these 2 stylists are the only ones that have ever been at this level.