Best Bridal Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas


Services and Pricing


Pro Stylist

  • Hair and Airbrush Makeup 160
  • Hair and Traditional Makeup 145
  • Just Hair 95
  • Just Makeup 95

What is the differnece between Pro and Master?

Master Stylist

  • Bride Hair and Airbrush Makeup 250
  • Bridesmaids Hair and Airbrush 200
  • Just Hair 145
  • Just Makeup 145

Pampered Bridal Party Package ($65 off)

  • Master Stylist Bride Hair and Airbrush Makeup 230
  • Master Stylist Maid of honor or mom Hair and Airbrush makeup 185
  • Pro Stylist Hair and Airbrush for 1 or more people 145 per person


  • Junior Bridesmaid Hair and Age Appropriate Makeup (up to age 15)  85
  • Flower Girl Hair and Age Appropriate Makeup (up to age 8)  45


Before and After Videos

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Q: How do I prepare for my Las Vegas wedding hair and makeup appointment?

A: The most important is to not wash your hair the day of. If you do wash your hair then it will not  hold any definition or curl for a bridal hairstyle. You also do not want to straighten your hair beforehand. Even if you have vety curly hair and want a straighter look we can acheive this withought having to straighten your hair. For the makeup you will want to wash your face and do not put moisturizer on it. Moisturizer acts as a wall to the makeup. The makeup will stick to the maoisturizer instead of your face  and as soon as the moisturizer comes off, so will the makeup. If you have dry skin and are worried we will put moisturizer on  after we are done with your wedding hair and makeup.

Q: How long does bridal hair and makeup take?

A:  Hair and makeup for a wedding typically takes 50 min. for both hair and makeup. We will book  an hour to be safe just incase you want to change something about the hair or makeup. We understand that on your wedding day your time is valuable this is why  our training focuses on efficiency and most effective use of time. Because on average we have  15-30 weddings a week that gives us an extreme amount of experience. We do not rush anything. Our hands get into a routine, due to the amound of experience, and we end up completing the service faster than expected.

Q: What time should I be done with my hair and makeup?

A:  We recommend that you be ready with your bridal hair and makeup an hour and a half before the wedding ceremony or before you have to be at the wedding venue in your las vegas hotel or on the beach in Mauil. This gives you plenty of  time to get dressed and for travel. If you happen to be staying where the wedding will be, then only an hour before. It is good to remember that the bridal hair and makeup will last 15hours so do not be afraid if you want to book a few hours early to make sure that you have plenty of time. Our goal is  to be 15min early but traffic in both Las Vegas and Maui can be unpredictable so its better safe than sorry.

Q: Should I get hair extensions for my wedding hair style?

A:  If you are worried about not having enough hair to acheive your wedding hairstyle then hair extensions are a very popular choice. There are two different types of hair extensions that we suggest. Clip-ins extensions are great for the day of and are easy to take in and out. You would need to match your hair color to the extensions before the day of the wedding. Micro bead hair extensions are another excellent  choice. These will last much longer (about 2-4 months). This way you can have the sexy thicker long hair for the honeymoon too. These will have to be done in our Las Vegas Hair Salon and are currently not an option in Maui.

Q: How do I know if I need hair extensions for the bridal hairstyle I picked?

A: On your wedding day you may want a style that requires either very thick or long hair. There a few different ways to find out if you have enough. You can also send us pics of the bridal hairstyle you want and your current hair to Easiest way is to ask your local stylist. Just make sure that your stylist is experienced with bridal hair styles.

Q: How far in advance should I book my wedding?

A: Depending on what day of the week your wedding is or if its on a holiday or a special day (11-11-11), the answer will be different.  If it’s during the week we suggest 2 months out but  we can take last minute appointments if we have availability. If it is on a holiday or weekend book now! Especially during wedding season our saturdays are always booked out.

Q: How many hair/makeup artists will you send for my large bridal party that want hair and makeup?

A: We want to make your Maui or Las Vegas wedding makeup and hair as relaxed as possible. We will  send  as many as you need for the timeframe you need to be done in.  We do not take  longer than 3 hours for an appointment. So if  you have a party of 9 coming to Las Vegas or Maui for bridal hair and makeup, We would send 3 stylists to you making sure that at most you will all be ready within 3 hours or less.

Q: How long before my wedding should I get a spray tan?

A: We recommend you get a spray tan at least a day before your wedding. The reason being is that it is possible for streaking to occur especially for pregnant women or women. Women’s hormones can get in the way of the solution. Its not common but it does happen. If this happens you can come back in at no additional cost and get another layer to make sure you look picture perfect for your Las Vegas wedding.

Q: Are your makeup artists and hairstylists trained to do African American hair and makeup?

A: Not only are our makeup artists and hairstylists trained weekly on all types of hair and skin but we also have African American brides every week. Las Vegas is a popular place for weddings we see people from all over the world. The demand for bridal hair and makeup in Las Vegas and Maui is also growing. We get tons of practice during the wedding seasons and keep our galleries updated with new brides photos. This way you dont have to take our word for it. Just take a look at our photos and if you see something you like you can request the same artist for your wedding.

Q: What if I just want a bridal hairstyle or just makeup?

A: We can do single services for your wedding. We just put them together because most often we do both. If you would like just a bridal makeup artist or just a bridal hairstylist to come to you we can offer you the ala carte price listed on either the Maui Wedding or Las Vegas Wedding Pages. The package of both is a better deal.