Should I get hair extension for my wedding day?

Should I get Extensions for my wedding day?


We get asked this question almost every day. The answer is, it depends on the desired style you want on your wedding day. Here are two reasons why you may want extensions on your wedding day.

  • The most obvious reason: You have short hair. Lets say your hair is like the first photo, but all the photos you love and have all over your pinterest, are like the second. The second look can easily be achieved with adding clip-in extensions. They are very easy to add to the hair during styling. You can even add them in yourself for any special occasion after the wedding. They come in many different colors to get a good match!
  • Your hair is not thick enough to achieve the look you want. Even if you have hair that is not thin, It may still not be enough for the look you want. For example, if you have hair like the first photo and want hair like the second or third photo. The second photo is gorgeous and an amazing style for any bride, but it is very rare that someone has that thick of natural hair. The third photo is a very full updo that will need a lot of hair to achieve the size of the curled bun in the back.


These are just 2 reasons why you may want clip-in extensions for your wedding day. In my opinion, more hair is always better!