How To Get Your Wedding Day Makeup to Stay Put

Your wedding day makeup is more than important for you. In the end, we all know just how amazing the right type of makeup can make us feel – and even more so when it comes to the Big Day. If you want your wedding day makeup to stay put for the entire day, make sure to read on because we have gathered some of the most important tips to keep in mind.

·         Use primer for the eye shadow. Although you might not see a noticeable difference, the truth is that eye primer can be absolutely miraculous when it comes to breathing “life” into the pigments contained by your eye shadow. Moreover, eye primer will also help you get a longer-lasting wedding eye makeup too.

·         Use primer for the face too. Same as with the eyes, your foundation will stick to your face for a much longer period of time if you use primer first. Also, make sure to use a translucent powder to “fix” everything in place once you have applied your foundation and concealer.

·         Use lip pencil. If you want your lips to look flawless, outline them with a lip pencil that is in a shade similar to that of your lipstick. Also, fill in the lips with the same pencil before you apply the lipstick too because this will help the color stick longer to your lips.

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