5 Ways To Wear Curly Hair For Your Wedding Day

For most brides, picking the right bridal hairstyle is just as important as choosing the actual wedding gown.  Curly hair is a great style for all brides out there and the best thing about it is that there are many, many ways to wear it. If you need some inspiration for your bridal hairstyle, make sure to read on because we have gathered some really beautiful curly hair ideas for brides:

·         Large curls pulled back by hair pins. If you want a very feminine for your Big Day, you could ask your bridal hairstylist to create some large curls and pull  the locks away from the face with hair pins. This is a relatively easy hairstyle to achieve, but it will look absolutely gorgeous (and it can be “messy” or very sleek too).

·         Messy curls pulled up in a bun. Hair buns have been really popular over the past couple of years – both for bridal hairstyles and for regular, day-to-day styles too. A curly hair bun has a sweet look to it and it looks really beautiful especially with rustic/country weddings (but definitely not exclusively so).

·         With a flower crown. Flower crowns are still very “in” this year as well – and if you want to wear one for your Big Day, there’s nothing better to “accessorize” it with than curly hair. Medium-sized curls are the best for this kind of look, but if you want to, your bridal hairstylist can work large curls into the look as well.

·         Glamorous Hollywood curls. If you want to have a more glamorous look and/or if you plan on having a vintage wedding, glamorous Hollywood curls are the perfect hairstyle. Wavy, sexy and full of passion and life, this bridal hairstyle is very popular and very much appreciated by brides from the entire world.

·         Elegant curly up-do. If you want curls and if you want them pulled up but not in a “hippie” way, your bridal hairstylist can do this for you as well. Lean, luscious curls can look amazing in an up-do that combines small braids, curls and volume.

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