How to use Hairspray properly



Firm-hold hairsprays:

You want your curls in your amazing victoria secret looking down-do to stay? Spray the sh** out of it, right?! Unfortunately that is an all to common mistake. We have people ask us all the time to spray more and more hairspray because their hair doesn’t hold curl (see my post, “why my hair doesn’t hold curl” for curling techniques), but tons of firm-hold hairspray isn’t the answer.

The problem with this:

Firm-hold hairspray is made for styles that need to stay in an unnatural position that it has been placed into. Like up-dos or the top of a half-up half-down style. It is really more to keep fly-aways down or help smooth out a style. That is why the product is heavy feeling. A firm-hold hairspray is not only very sticky, but it is weighted to keep those fly-aways down.  When you have your hair down and curled, it is kind of all in a fly-away state. It is in its natural free flowing state. So what happens when you spray it with sticky heavy firm-hold hairspray? The stickiness makes the look become stiff and no longer look like touchably soft hair. The heaviness makes it to where if you do touch it or try to run your fingers through it, it gets tangled and the curl almost instantly falls. Your hair cannot withstand the weight of this spray when used excessively and it will make the curl go flat. Which is exactly the opposite of the reason for loading up your curls with spray


How do we do it right?

weightless and/or working hairsprays are the key! A working hairspray normally has heat protecting agents as well as curl holding help. The working spray is applied to the hair before the heated iron. The spray will activate with heat and give the curl a strong hold without any feel of product to the hair. Once the hair has all been curled with the working spray, You can spray the finished look sparingly with a light-hold weightless hairspray that will help keep your curls all day without making them heavy or sticky. For a down-do, less is more!!