Airbrush Makeup VS Traditional Makeup.

Airbrush Makeup:

    Airbrush Makeup is the most popular makeup for weddings. I can only speak for my salon, but out of all of the Las Vegas wedding we see about 90% of them get the airbrush makeup. There are 2 different kinds of Airbrush Makeup. 

Silicone Based: This is used for more dramatic body painting looks and is thick and heavy. If you have ever had someone tell you that they had a friend who got airbrush makeup and it was thick and heavy, they probably had someone use cylicone on them.

Water based: This is what is used for bridal makeup. If you are someone who says "i never wear makeup" or "I hate the cakey look" or " I don't like to look like I'm wearing foundation", this is for you! It feels very light. It is extremely natural looking and lasts very long. The brands that provide airbrush makeup for professional artists carry a variety of types that have varry in coverage and water resistance. Its seems as though it was made for brides! It can cover anything from acne and rosacea to a black eye! (yes, it has happened) One of our brides tossed a water bottle to her bridesmaid who asked for water and it hit her in the eye!

Traditonal Makeup:

     While most makeup artists carry traditional makeup, there are many different varieties. My salon carries Mac cosmetics for our foundations. This makeup will give you a great fresh and clean look, but does not provide as much coverage without being able to see the makeup. With traditional makeup, using a "building" technique is best to get the fullest coverage and this means layers and layers of different products that end up giving you a cakey look. It can also be easily scratched or wiped off. Mothers or grandmothers of the bride may do better with this makeup because the thickness of it is an advantage to filling in fine lines if they are very deep.


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